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Do you offer quantity discounts on larger orders?

Yes. The prices listed on our website are for minimum order quantities.  As the quantity increases, the unit price decreases, mostly due to freight.  For accurate pricing, please fill out the inquiry information correctly as your pricing will be determined specifically with the information you provide.  Or, you can call us directly and we can go through the process together, and help you figure out which product(s) will best suit your particular application.


Do you have a showroom?
We do not have a traditional showroom for customers to shop in. Rather, we offer an on-line showroom combined with on-site meetings where we can best guage both the features and limitations of the space our tables and chairs will be used in. Everything from floor type to ceiling height is taken into consideration. This enables us to keep both costs and selling prices competitive, providing excellent value to our customers.


What is your minimum order quantity?
Our minimum order for tables is 10, while our minimum order for chairs is 60. There are a small number of exceptions which have higher or lower minimums. Dance floors and transport carts have no minimum order quantity.

Do you accept credit cards?
No, we do not accept any type of debit or credit card. We accept payment via cheque, money order or bank draft.